Matador Arms Mag-X

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Mag-X The Ultimate adapter for people looking to convert their AR-15 to an AR9.


Available for Glock® 17/G19, Sig Sauer® P320™  & CZ® 75,
The Mag-X allows you to use your pistol magazines in any AR-15 milspec lower – the ultimate PCC-pistol combination for Glock®, Sig®-P320,  & CZ® 75
Fits any standard AR-15 lower receiver.
No modifications required to your lower or magazine.
Installs in seconds.
Built-in magazine release.
Locks into place with the standard AR-15 catch.
Lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum construction; anodized finish.
Steel ejector and magazine catch.
*Only compatible with mil-spec AR-15 lower receivers, combined with a 9mm upper with a Glock-cut bolt.
*No last round bolt hold open.
*Hand-fitting may be required with FM-9 uppers.
*The MagX will not work with the CMMG Radial Delayed Blowback.

Additional information

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 in
Magazine Type

G17/G19, P320

4 reviews for Matador Arms Mag-X

  1. Clover

    Putting together an AR-9 for fun, with PSA upper. Got the P320 mag adapter and had doubts. Had a Colt mag adapter in the past (from another company) that always hung up.
    Just tried it out, ran 300 rounds in a morning and not one misfeed. Works great!

  2. Mark W

    Been running a cz-75 adapter with my cmmg RDB kit for a few years now, and it’s still working great! The cheap 33rd cz mags sometimes have feeding issues when all the way full (as they do in my pistol), but they do fine with 28-30rds. Love this adapter; it’s so much easier to switch back to other uppers than any of the other adapters I’ve tried.

  3. KPE (verified owner)

    Received adapter today and assembled as per instructions. Noted that bolt was extremely difficult to cycle; this was due to bolt making contact with the feed ramp on the mag-x. Fired thirty rounds with no failures. The bolt appears to have “fit itself” into the feed ramp, doubt this was by design. So currently my mag-x looks visibly ruined at the feed ramp however it does function flawlessly so far. Just wish it hadn’t been this way or at least a heads up to expect it.

  4. s_stuart (verified owner)

    I have a Brn9 upper mated to a BRN180M lower.

    So I kept having problems with Endomag extractors getting compressed and wrecked.

    I wanted better reliability for my AR9 that is built for PDW.

    Installed Mat Arms MagX shot over 200 rds suppressed(Omega 9K)/unsuppressed.
    Used 115g,124g,147g, 147gHP+P and Hush ammo.

    Using BRAND NEW PMAG 27 GL9 GLOCK magazine.

    No problems except for HP …….on the last round only.
    The bullet was shoved into the casing and would not go into battery.

    I’m chalking this up to brand new springs and will report back after more HP rounds shot down range.

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