Barrel Lengths: 8 inch or 5 inch.

Material: 4140 Nitrided steel

Thread Pitch: 1/2X28

Coating: Black Nitride

Barrel Twist Rate:  1:10

Compatibility: Any 9mm ammo including +P

Note: These are not AR9 barrels these are specific to our platform.

Note: Barrel nut socket wrench is required for disassembly.

Additional information

Barrel Length

8 Inch Barrel, 5 Inch Barrel

MAT-9 Series Barrels

Out shoot your barrel? Like carrying spare parts? Looking to put an 8 inch barrel to your MAT-9k. Feel free to select your barrel length so that you can get to customizing your set up as needed. NOTE: Barrel nut socket wrench is required for full breakdown!


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