AR-9/AR-15 Pistol Grip Short With Beaver Tail

Combining our knowledge and experience abroad we set out to design the perfect AR9 & AR15 pistol grip for close quarters combat.

The near vertical design allows the shooter to establish a fighting fist like grip that naturally rests the firing hand its proper high point. This allows ideal placement while gathering the weapon quickly into full presentation. Due to the alignment of the wrist and forearm you will be able to fire and manage recoil more effectively.

Crafted with precision, the AR9 pistol grip features an ergonomic design that promotes a natural and secure grip. Its textured surface provides a non-slip grip, ensuring stability and confidence during rapid-fire or extended shooting sessions.

Aesthetically appealing to the overall appearance of the MAT-9 and any AR-9 set up. Our AR9 & AR15 pistol grips have a little inspiration from the M249. Those of us that were “blessed” to carry that pig will appreciate the nod to the cursed beast.

Take your shooting experience to the next level with this premium pistol grip designed to meet the demands of serious shooters.


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• Designed with a radius-ed pentagon shape to fit the contours of a human hand
• L models are designed to be forgiving of a less than perfect grip
• Texture panels give a nod to the cursed beast AKA the M249 SAW
• Front and rear radius similar to a 1911
• Optimum angle for a broad range of uses from CQB to shooting prone
• Lightweight
• Optimum reach to the trigger and placement of trigger finger
• BT models cut to fit non-standard lowers
• Top profile narrowed to make operating the safety use more intuitive

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Dimensions 4 × 2 × 2 in
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